“SynthAI” Will Make the Difference in Engineering Industries

by | May 23, 2023 | AI and Semantics, Digital Transformation, Insights

Generative AI is all the rage for its prolific content creation abilities. But in technical environments, more is not always better. “SynthAI” digests massive amounts of information and distills it to what you need to know.


We recently read this interesting view of AI and the differences between Generative AI and SynthAI.

In B2C markets, Generative AI is mostly being used for fun and to create something to share: art, poems, essays, blog posts (not this one!), and more. The content has sound grammar and vocabulary but is not always technically accurate. But in the consumer and blogger/influencer world, quality or correctness are not high priorities.

In B2B, the calculus is quite different. In knowledge work, there is huge value in precision, accuracy, and intelligent decision making. Employees have to make the best possible decisions with imperfect information, and often, by analyzing impossibly-large amounts of information. Think material selection, customer specifications, or regulatory information across multiple countries.

In the next wave of AI, large language models (LLMs) will need to focus on synthesis and analysis – SynthAI – that improves the quality and/or speed of decision-making, if not make the actual decision itself. The most obvious application here is to summarize high volumes of information that humans could never digest themselves directly. The real value of SynthAI will be in helping humans make better decisions, faster.

    This also happens to be the vision of SWISS AI as well: we process large amounts of information, filter out the noise, and synthesize relevant, accurate insights. SWISS AI is designed to augment and improve humans, not replace them. As Hex CEO and co-founder, Barry McCardel explains, “When it comes to understanding the world and making decisions, you want humans in the loop. What AI can do is help us apply more of our brainwaves to valuable, creative work, so that we not only spend more hours in a day on the work that matters, but also free ourselves to do our best work.”

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