Eliminate Redundant, Risky, and Obsolete Parts

Improving Part Selection and Management Decisions

Industry-Leading Parts Data Research and Management Software

Engineers and Parts Managers spend a lot of time researching information needed for part selection and sourcing decisions. Time to market, as well as, engineering and manufacturing costs and product quality are negatively impacted when data is incomplete, out-of-date or inaccessible. Through Pin Point users can access complete, continually updated technical, management and reference data about National Stock Numbers, and tens-of-millions of commercial parts needed in their daily work.

Through Pin Point’s Coherent View(R) database, users have access to aggregated and enhanced parts data from dozens of government and commercial databases as well as manufacturer websites. We use advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to extract and infer part properties from narrative text, specifications, part numbers, and product descriptions, delivering improved engineering data quality to the enterprise. Today, Pin Point includes information on 90M+ parts and 400M+ searchable part attributes, data that is critical for part selection and management decisions in any large Aerospace and Defense manufacturing or engineering activity. Pin Point users can search by NSN or NIIN, Part Number, CAGE, Product Characteristics or Keyword.

Pin Point is actively used by thousands of engineers, item managers and catalogers throughout the government as well as by industrial engineers and product specialists to:

  • Avoid supply chain interruptions and mitigate risks caused by diminishing supply sources/obsolescence/ nonconforming parts
  • Reduce the time and cost associated with design, manufacture and parts selection through access to rich technical attribute data for NSNs and component parts
  • Improve the quality and reliability of systems and components during the entire product life cycle
  • Identify supply chain partners and research price and availability to ensure parts can be delivered to customers at a cost savings
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and directives such as Environmental, REACH and RoHS
  • Support the implementation of a Corporate Standard Parts List/Preferred Parts List, reducing risk and costs associated with managing non-procurable, obsolete and duplicate parts
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