XSB Prolog

Advanced Logic Programming Language.

Much of XSB, Inc.’s software is written in the Prolog programming language. Prolog is a powerful, high-level AI language based on logic, which supports succinct, declarative programming. It was initially designed to handle natural language processing but has been found to have much wider application to knowledge representation and knowledge processing problems.

The Prolog system used by XSB, Inc. is the open-source XSB Tabled Prolog System (xsb.sourceforge.net), which was developed and has been refined over the past 25 years by XSB, Inc. co-founder, Dr. David S. Warren and his students and colleagues.

The XSB Prolog System supports standard Prolog functionality and has been augmented by a powerful technique known as tabling, which greatly increases its applicability. XSB, Inc. uses XSB Prolog to efficiently process large quantities of textual data to extract and standardize information describing logistic and semantic properties of parts.

XSB Prolog includes the Coherent Description Framework (CDF) package that supports scalable representation and implementation of complex ontologies such as those used by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to provide the foundation for the Semantic Web.

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